6 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Many of us are scrambling around trying to find something to do for Valentine’s Day. I say relax and stop worrying about it. Sure we might not have a date, the funds to go out, or a date who likes going out. There is still plenty that can be done to celebrate Valentine’s Day—or Singles Celebration Day for some of us—like catching a good movie. To help everyone out, here are three movies to watch if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, and then three for those of us lucky enough to celebrate Singles Celebration Day.


Valentine’s Day Movies

 Deliver Us from Eva


Gary Hardwick directed this romantic comedy that stars LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union. Union is the lead. She plays an uptight woman, who is relentlessly meddling in her family’s personal issues. Her family hires LL Cool J’s character to date her, so she will stay out of their business. The problem is that after spending some time with her, J’s character starts falling in love with her. In their writeup of the film, Picture Box Films tries to narrow down which moment they like best: “Our favourite scene? There are many. But we love the ones set in the beauty parlour.” Agreed. Also, this shows you how much this movie has to offer.


Love Jones


This romantic comedy was directed by Theodore Witcher. It stars Larenze Tate and Nia Long. Most of us have seen this classic. If not, it follows Tate's character who's a young poet in Chicago. He starts dating a photographer, played by Long, and you watch as they try to figure out what they have between them. The conversations the cast have throughout the movie are hilarious.


Love & Basketball


Even if you don’t like basketball, this Gina Prince-Bythewoodfilm is a must see. Love & Basketball won 12 awards, six from the Black Reel Awards alone. The film stars Omar Epps as Quincy McCall and Sanaa Lathan as Monica Wright. The story follows the two from age 11 through college, as their love/hate relationship progresses throughout the years. This is the perfect girl/guy-next-door movie.


Singles Celebration Movies

How Stella Got Her Groove Back


This Kevin Rodney Sullivan-directed movie stars Angela Basset as Stella and Taye Diggs as Winston. Stella is a single woman, who is extremely successful and goes on a top-of-the-line vacation to Jamaica. While she’s enjoying the typical tourist stops, she runs into Winston. He is a strapping local man who falls in love with Stella, which causes Stella to re-prioritize her life. This is perfect for the hopeless romantic in all of us, and especially those of us who are a little bit older and single.




The always funny Eddie Murphy stars in this Reginald Hudlin film. Murphy’s character, Marcus, is a “ladies man”. He comes across Robin Givens’ character, Jacquiline, who gives him a run for his money. This movie is great for those that have been played—or know a player.


A Thin Line Between Love and Hate


Darnell, who is played by Martin Lawrence, is a complete womanizer. He works at a nightclub, where he runs into Lynn Whitfield’s character, Brandi. She is Darnell’s ultimate prize. She’s classy, rich, and beautiful, so in other words, she's out of his league. Once Darnell finally gets her, he realizes that he’s in love with someone else. Brandi doesn't take the rejection lightly, and she decides that he’s going to have to pay for playing her. This Martin directed movie is absolutely perfect for those who know a womaniser or have been mistreated by one.

It doesn't matter whether you’re alone or inside snuggled up on someone on Valentine’s Day. Know that any of these movies will make you forget all about going out on a fancy date, the fact you’re low on funds, or that your date is antisocial. In fact, most of them will make you laugh the night away, which will end your Valentine’s Day with a smile.