God + Love + Ya'll = A Trinity

A relationship with no direction is a journey driving 1000 miles searching for a building which was only 10 miles away, because there was no navigation, the driver decided to take a couple of short cuts and new roads to heaven.We all know short cuts can mostly turn out to be long cuts. Participate in something I like to call the 'love triangle'.

The love triangle is a lifetime experience with your partner and God.

Imagine a triangular shape, now imagine you and your partner at the bottom two edges of the triangle. Finally, imagine the image of God at the top of the shape. As you and your partner climb up the triangle you start to get closer to God, but the most important thing is you also get closer to each other.

Drawing closer to God when problems occur - be it financial, spiritual or even physical, God will serve as guidance and lead the way to solving every tribulation. The things you do whilst you both move up the triangle is the most important aspect of your relationship because you are both finding love through and in God. Pray together, make goals together and make every imperfection, perfect in your eyes.

Too many relationships break down due to lack of knowledge on how to make it work.

You need to read books, watch videos and both seek wisdom from mentors  as well as other successful couples or you will be stuck at a dead end wondering what to do next. Every problem or situation you may face has already been conquered by other couples so it's important to realise that your problems are not new to the world.

Stubbornness, selfishness amongst other petty issues/situations have the potential to frustrate you and even force you to give up, rather than lead you to looking at the bigger picture.Thinking long term with anything in life helps you to persevere because you will always be able to remind yourself that, what you are traversing at present is temporary and part of the journey to the fulfilment of your vision. Get yourself acquainted with the 'love triangle' and  create a positive soul-tie with him or her. It works with every religion and it becomes just God, love and ya'll.

Words: Julian Owusu

Photo Source: staciesayzso.com