A Poem For Mandela

Mandela is gone, the founding father of our freedom song.

His spirit lives on, his work, his ethics to us they belong.

For one generation of people saw Mandela's light as he rose,

Another generation watched before their eyes as this light come to a close.

But forever in our hearts and minds, his pride, power and might is alive.

The empowerment and strength he passed on, his knowledge and wisdom,

A great leader and speaker, a man who moved mountains and nations.

Mandela, Mandela, the freedom fighters protested.

Our truth shall be heard and our faiths shall be tested.

We shall rise up as one, to break down these doors and barriers of prejudice and racialisation that stand before us.

We have no need to be separated Africa, the true mother of all.

We do not desire to be underclassesd, underprivileged, unwelcomed into our own home.

Mandela spoke for the voice of a nation, the voice of the people,

For the souls and voices of children destined to become great.

Our pathways await us, so take hold of my hand as I lead you through darkness to a place where there is still hope for this land.