For The Love of Lipstick!

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! Get practical with delicious plums and plush reds, How do you rate in your winter wardrobe style for lips  


Without seasons, there would be an unthinkable shift in how the universe operates. The dynamic colours of nature would be a myth, let alone the latest fashion and make up trends sashaying down catwalks to say the least! The relationship between make-up and nature is undeniable from spring/summer offering marshmallow pastel hues to vibrant neon shouts of colour.


At present the twirls of autumn burgundy, rich velvety reds and thrilling plums give to us what I personally term as ‘fireplace’ emotion. “Colours that warm up the way we look and how we feel”.


Working as a full time make- up artist I readily acknowledge that women of colour particularly of a black skin tone can pretty much work every tint; shade and tone of each colour with succession. So when it comes to something as mundane as lipstick, my strongest setback is actually getting the women to try these luscious colours on their full lips. My suggestions generate a horrified look, communicating ‘that strong crimson is not coming near me!’ or a puzzled frown of and rebuttal of ‘isn’t this look for proper models’.


“There is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip.” - Tom Ford 


We often overlook these plump pouts and see them only as kissing machines. However I ask you to bite the lipstick bullet and become a little more experimental with colour!


Take the following quick test below – bring out all the lipsticks you own and count how many different colours you actually have in your kit.


0-2 = Mediocre | 3-4 = Average5 and over = Fashion Forward  


If you found that you scored quite low then congratulations on reading this article! I hope it will challenge a positive and experimental attitude change towards different lipstick colour. For the fashion forward, stay creative and continue to be bold with colour decisions. If still in doubt, see how these three different skin tone celebrities wear alike colours with sophistication and unabashed style. Then choose the tone closest to yours and pick a colour from the save or splurge suggestions. 


LUPITA NYONG'O = Dark Chocolate

Define lips using Mac ‘Magenta lip liner £12 SAVE– Mac ‘Girl about Town’ lipstick £15 SPLURGE-  Rouge Dior ‘Mysterious Mauve’ lipstick £26


RIHANNA = Light Chocolate

To define lips use Sleek make-up twist up lip liner in ‘Deep Cherry’ £2.49 SAVE - Sleek lipstick in ‘Cherry’ £4.99 SPLURGE – Nars ‘Fast Ride’ lipstick £18.50


ALEXANDRA BURKE =  Medium Chocolate

Define with Rouge Dior contour lip pencil in 943 ‘Prune Troublant’ £18.50  SAVE – Mac ‘Dark Side’ Lipstick £15 SPLURGE – Rouge Dior 813 ‘5th Avenue’ £26



  1. Prep lips with balm, removing dead skin as you go.
  2. Apply lip liner for definition, creating the most natural lip edge possible.
  3. Apply lipstick to clean lips building intensity
  4. Part your lips and blot to remove excess.

 So the question is… ‘Will you dare to brave winter woes and winter wardrobe your lips?’


*Items listed can either be found in Selfridges and other beauty department stores.