#BlackOutDay - Celebrating Black Beauty; Fighting Negative Images & Stereotypes


Just in case you missed it, March 6th marks the first ever #BlackOutDay - a social media campaign that has blessed the internet with pictures, selfies, videos of black people. The campaign is about "celebrating the beauty of blackness" - something which many of us have been inculcated into believing is not beautiful or worthy of representation. #BlackOutDay is inspiring, moving and allows us to visually showcase what  makes us beautiful as individuals. On what inspired, this campaign, T'von - creator of the campaign's idea (expect-the-greatest) shares that:

Black History Month is always excellent, but one month isn’t enough to celebrate our heritage and our beauty. No matter what your skin tone is, you’re beautiful. All my life I have heard my grandma tell me stories of how her own people did her because she was lighter than most. She told me some awful stories that will make anybody tear up and its these stories that make me wish that there wasn’t such a divide in skin tones. We need a unified agreeance that ALL black people are beautiful and worthy of praise and admiration, and Blackout day is a step towards that.”

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Via twitter.com/blackgirlswinni - #BlackOutDay


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