Curls in Motion


As my hair is natural, I’ve been learning a lot about hair products over the last few years, so upon receiving the new Natural Textures haircare range from Motions, I was both excited and intrigued.  I tried five products in total, all specifically designed to treat and condition natural hair textures and all smelling of absolute gorgeousness; a beautiful, light, fruity scent that’s not overpowering or sickeningly sweet. The first product I picked up was the Hydrate My Curls Hair Pudding.  It has shea butter and coconut (my favourites) plus avocado oils and the name/description is really pleasing.  Hydration is the holy grail for natural hair and the idea of a pudding makes me think of something scrumptious, velvety and creamy, so I was excited.  As always, before opening the tub the first thing I did was check out the ingredients and you can imagine my dismay when I discovered that the second ingredient was mineral oil.  For those new to maintaining natural hair, or perhaps not au fait with this ingredient, mineral oil isn’t as natural as it sounds.  It’s a derivative of petroleum, a synthetic product and while a good sealant, it won’t allow your hair to absorb moisture and nutrients; can clog pores and prevent your scalp from breathing.  Overuse will weigh down hair follicles, weakening them... you get the picture.  I tried the pudding before wash day as I knew I didn’t want to keep the mineral oil on my hair.  Admittedly, the crème did absorb quite well, ordinarily I would seal this with an olive or almond oil, but I wanted to see how it faired on its own.  I plaited four cornrows and the next morning was pleasantly surprised by the results.  My braid-out was soft, well-defined and seemed to hold.  It felt ever so slightly greasy, but it was much nicer than I’d expected.  Overall, a really nice styling product.

The next day was wash day, so I tried the Moisturising Cleanser followed by the Deep Conditioning Masque with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils.


DSC_0658 copy



Although the results of the Hydrate My Curls Hair Pudding were better than expected, I approached wash day reluctantly.  The buzz phrases ‘paraben and SLS free’ and ‘free from petroleum’ were missing but I wanted to have an open mind.

I shampooed once and my hair smelt lovely and felt soft.  It didn’t feel squeaky clean, which is good as squeaky clean suggests a stripping of the hair.  My natural coils were bouncy and soft and I really liked it!  I have searched long and hard for a product to compliment the steamer I bought a few months ago, so decided to follow with the Deep Conditioning Masque (as opposed to the Smoothing Conditioner).  The consistency was looser and wetter than I expected, I was imagining more of a mud-type consistency, like a face mask, but once again I was pleasantly surprised.  The consistency meant that total coverage of my hair was easily achieved.  I sat beneath my steamer on a low temperature for 10 minutes.  After washing and deep conditioning, my hair felt soft and clean and smelled great!  Although I quite liked this product, it didn’t feel like my hair had experienced the type of deep condition I’d get at the hair salon.  Speaking of which, the Smoothing Conditioner which I didn’t try, probably would have been better as it has a thicker, creamier consistency.


Motions Hair Masque


After a light towel-dry I decided to follow with the Define My Curls Crème.  For a crème I was surprised that the appearance was so gel-like.  Closer inspection confirmed my suspicion; Mineral Oil was no 4 on the list.  My general rule of thumb is that if mineral oil is in the top 3 ingredients I won’t use it, so at number 4, I was okay.  You can use the crème on damp or dry hair, so mine was good to go. The crème didn’t easily glide on, it felt a little sticky.  Having said that, whilst plaiting my hair it did seem to smooth out, and as I reached the end of each braid, the ends curled naturally.


The next morning the braid-out still felt damp but I didn’t have anything pressing, so I was able to leave the plaits in until lunchtime when they were fully dry.

As I undid the cornrows my hair felt like it had had gel on it - that slightly crunchy feel (even though it is described as a crème).  However, the definition that the crème gave my hair was really good.  My hair looked healthy and glossy.  For further shine I used the Radiating Hair Gloss, this has a non-sticky consistency, reminiscent of the oils I typically use.  This was easily my favourite product of the range.  It was really inoffensive, glided onto my hair, didn't weigh it down, and really produced a high gloss on top of my hair’s natural sheen.


DSC_0710 (2) copy

DSC_0742 copy

Overall I found the Motions system left my hair feeling clean, and smelling really good; fave product: the Radiating Hair Gloss!