99% WoMAN by Dianah Amadi

99% WoMAN delivers a unique perspective on why certain women attract certain men whether they like it or not. With real life relationship stories on every page, this authentic guide reveals a law in relationships that helps each individual to discover how compatible they are in a 100% relationship. The author explores the following: 

  1. Why a 99% woman will always attract a 1% man and vice versa? 
  2. Why parent patterns affect our relationships?
  3. Why relationships break up?

Truly enlightening, witty detailed relationship scenarios, and the authors very own unique “PFormula” principles. 99% WoMAN helps you find what role you play in your relationship and what the result of this role is. Once you have discovered what percentage you are and what your partner is, you will not only find stability- you will gain knowledge like a relationship expert and therefore become an expert at your relationship.


“I have no formula for love but I do have a formula for relationships.” - Dianah A. Amadi



On 4th of October Dianah was born in Lagos, Nigeria were she was raised until the age of 10. In 2001 Dianah’s family moved to London, England where they would re-shape their lives in the western world. Her poetry became a source of recognition within small community parts in London, this poetry later opened the way for her to motivate others through her personal stories. She wrote her very first play in 2010 called ‘Dreams and Flats’ which was the first ‘Afro-Politan play in Britain. She has also written several film scripts including web series ‘Juicy’. 


As well as her writing, Dianah has performed in countries such as Spain, Germany and France. Her poetry and message has been called refreshing, powerful and dynamic. Her motto and slogan is to “Do you and let every man adapt” This statement inspired her poetry name ‘Dylema’. With all her experience and her chatty personality Dianah has helped so many young people realize their potential. She encourages them to take action towards steps that she has also taken in the past.

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