World Marriage Day

It turns out that Valentine Day isn’t the only day on which love is celebrated! Looking for a story and wanting to find out what else was so special about the month of February apart from Valentine's Day and of course Pancake Day, we came across a day dedicated specifically to the Christian sacrament of Marriage - World Marriage Day. A day sanctified by Pope John Paul II.

World Marriage Day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday in the month of February. Its purpose is to: ‘to honour husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life’. The celebration's official logo is representative of husband and wife - who are symbolically seen as two candle-like figures, reminding us that married love calls us to help enlighten the world. The couple is joined by a heart, focusing on love as the power that fosters unity within the couple and generates the capacity to be life-giving and inspire others to fruitfulness and unity.

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