Celebrating Black Fatherhood - A Visual Tribute

Last month we celebrated fathers’ day with three separate articles; an interview with artist Cbabi Bayoc and showcased a series of artwork encouraging new perspectives; poet JJ Bola’s ‘Celebrating Black fatherhood’ and a selection of quotes best descriptive of some father-child relationships. This led to our contribution in a 1-hour long conversation on twitter hosted by MoreThanXY and TheNuBlk on fatherhood – where fathers summed up their experience as fathers as being:

rewarding, challenging, reassuring, (@kamranassadi); unknown, unparalleled, fearless (@narrowpathfilms); surprising, enlightening, informative (@iamGREEDs), enriching, educational, appreciated (@DavidMcQueen).

Alfred Mante and babygirl Jamila / Photography by Sanaa AbstraKt

The most engaging question was the last one posited on the subject the media perception of black fathers and men, versus real experience and whether or not with those media-constructed perceptions came added pressure to be an good role model.

Laurent Jacquet and daughter and son / Photography by Sanaa AbstraKt

Amongst the various thoughts shared, one comment ran true: the obvious lack of diverse representation of black fathers and men in the (British) media. This truth came to be the inspiration and result for a photographic app that pays a visual tribute to fathers, developed for the MoreThanXY project by NuPeopleMag, TheNublk in collaboration with AFRONOIRE, to further encourage the on-going celebration and acknowledgement of black fatherhood in society.

Wayne Watson and Anastasia / Photography by Sanaa AbstraKt


Where we once looked to mainstream media for representation, we now have to move away from that, as we have reached a point where media representation does not suffice. – Celebrating Black Fatherhood by JJ Bola 

More often than not, what we wish for as human beings is to be seen. So why not support this project by downloading the free app (within the NUPeopleMag mag) on iTunes and contribute to the visibility of black father/manhood in the world around us?

Click here for the fatherhood twitter discussion

Photographer: Sanaa AbstraKt / Videographer: P.Y Adjei