Sophia Brown - Every Woman Deserves To Feel Beautiful


“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress specially made for her."

This is the inspiration behind each and every Sophia Brown London dress that is meticulously made to your measure. Sophia Brown London is a fashion label that produces stunning dresses to make you stand out from the crowd at any special occasion.

Inspired by dresses worn by women of all ages and sizes that would grace the annual awards nights (such as the Grammy’s, the Oscars and the BAFTAs), Sophia set her sights on emulating the designs she saw on TV and in magazines. From her bedroom as a teenager she began making wearable dresses for every occasion that combined her love of bridal couture with her girly feminine style. Encouraged by the responses she received from an ever growing client list of family, friends then strangers she sought to hone her skills and meet demands by further education in fashion and design. Her thirst for knowledge led her to acquiring degree in Fashion Design from the University for the Creative Arts and 2 certificates in Period Corsetry from the London College of Fashion. We couldn’t help but interview a sister who is all about making other women feel beautiful!

What Does Fashion Mean To You?

It’s an expression, it's therapy, confidence booster

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

I’m inspired by the 50’s and old Hollywood. I love girly feminine shapes from the 50’s. My style icon is Marilyn Monroe. She atomises beauty, glamour and femininity.

What Are Your Views On Black Designers In The Industry?

I don’t have any views. I don’t think colour is an issue. When you hear about a new up coming designer, you see images of their work and their talent. You do not necessarily see what the designer looks like. Unless they are celebrities or the off-spring of a celebrity. I think if you have a passion for something you should pursue it and if you are fortunate enough to pursue it full time, then you are very blessed indeed!

What Is Your Highest Achievement Thus Far As A Fashion Designer?

  • Launching at Fashion week in 2011
  • Being nominated for designer of the year
  • Showing my collection at Africa fashion week
  • Designing and making a dress for Tara London (singer) album launch

What Is Your Favourite Fashion Season And Why?

I love spring/summer. Catwalk collections are definitely more exciting! I love bright colours and showing a bit of skin. I think in the summer you feel confident enough to experiment with looks and try out different colours. In the winter my focus is to be warm and comfy. I rarely wear heels or show any skin in the winter.

What Is Your Favourite Trend This Season And Why?

My favourite trend is the bodycon long sleeve dresses I’m seeing lately. Especially the work ones. I bought a beautiful geometric print bodycon dress from Topshop a few weeks ago. I’m loving statement necklaces. I have a few because I’ve always been into necklaces but now they are on trend there is so much choice. I also love cigarette trousers- I think they are so classy and can be dressed up and down. I think they look really cool with a pair of black suede stilettos a t-shirt and statement necklace!

Any Fashion Tips For Our Readers?

I think style is more important than fashion. You can buy fashion but style can’t be bought. I think some of the best dressed people are necessarily fashionable or ‘trendy’ but they have swag and they way the mix old vintage clothing with new is awesome.

Your Advice To Aspiring Designers?

Go for it! Find your niche and customer base and go for it!

The Sophia Brown London brand also offers a bespoke consultative design service. Here, whether you are looking for a casual piece or an outfit for a special occasion, a garment can be designed and made to your exact requirements, bringing your ideas to life. Now in demand for her designs Sophia is also coveted for interviews, workshops and public speaking to both young and old on taking the leap to follow your passion- be it fashion or anything else.

Find out more on: / Instagram: Sophiasoares

Words: Periesa Palmer