Interracial dating and relationships


Our diverse and multicultural society gives us the privilege of learning first-hand about other cultures as opposed to accepting stereotypical views. This makes it easier for people from different backgrounds to mingle and get to know each other. Clearly there has been a societal shift in the way we view interracial relationships and many are open to the possibility of dating those from other races. Having said that, some individuals are still sceptical, arguing that it is best to ‘stick to your own.’

Undoubtedly interracial relationships are challenging. As humans we tend to frown at the idea of change as it is human nature to fear of ‘the unknown.’ However this should not be seen as a problem but a challenge. The process of getting to know someone from a different culture when dating is the same, just with a bit more effort. In fact it should be an exciting experience one as you will learn about a new culture and possibly a new language.

There’s of course the argument that that the idea of interracial relationships messes with the order of society. Although views are changing, some are still scared of breaking the ‘race barrier.’ This isn’t necessarily a racist view as some of us just prefer our own! Having said that, your reluctance to date outside your race shouldn’t be solely based on fears. What happens if you happen to connect with someone from a different culture? Do not allow ‘old fashioned’ way of thinking to deny you your right to happiness.

Shape your own opinions on interracial relationships. Without us actually thinking about it ourselves we take on the views of others like family and friends. The views of those around you are important however when it comes to choosing a partner, this should be entirely your choice. It would be misleading for me to say that society is completely accepting of interracial relationships as you do get the odd looks and sly comments. However this is true for all things ‘different.’ Do not allow the opinions of others to overshadow yours.

The world is increasingly becoming a diverse place. We have to become a people who think beyond the lines of race and colour. In the end, one’s pursuit of true love and happiness must serve as the ultimate deciding factor concerning relationships. Date whoever you choose, live, love and be happy!