The world's most fashionable cities


When asked to write on the most fashionable cities in the world, four renowned places immediately sprang to mind. London. Paris. New York. Milan. Each have an incredibly influential fashion week, and they also have impeccable street styles too. I’ll start off with my hometown London.


A Londoner’s sense of style tends to be incredibly unique. Individuality is key here as people try to express themselves differently with a variety of distinct prints, patterns and textures. Londoners take advantage of their renowned high street stores, but hidden vintage shops and markets play an integral part of a Londoner’s style too.


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Parisians on the other hand lean more towards high end fashion, and who can blame them with the impressive amount of boutiques that Paris boasts. Designers tend to have many original and one-off items in their lines which means that Parisians are immaculately unique with their style. Their fashion sense is effortlessly chic and takes inspiration from what Paris creatives have to offer.



New York

New Yorkers' style tends to be quite trend driven. What the runway shows and distinguished designers produce has a big impact on what a person from New York wears. In the colder seasons, those in New York really know how to work the layers and huge coats. But in the summer, New York style is quite versatile. Clothing can range from relaxed denim shorts to clothes that are soft and billowy that twirls in the breeze.



Out of the four major fashion weeks, Milan tends to be a little quieter which is echoed in their style. The style in Milan is much simpler but that doesn’t make them any less trendy with their fashion sense. The focus in Milan is the quality of their clothing. Lots of good quality leather, cotton, silk and fur form the framework of an Italian fashionista’s wardrobe.

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By Symone Keisha

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