Make Yourself Count: Romance yourself because nobody can do it like you.


Romancing yourself is a great way to begin to learn how to fall in love with you, and when that significant other finally arrives, you have already set the bar high enough to accept nothing less than some good old fashion romance. Romancing myself is an art I often try to practice. It keeps me positive and full of confidence and so I would like to share some tips with you.


Write yourself a love letter. Sounds weird but it is a great way to raise self awareness and appreciation.  If you were to receive a love letter, what would you like to read in it?

For example ‘ You are a vision of loveliness, my heart pounds deep for you’. Too much? Ok, well start by writing down all the good things about yourself. I.e: your physical appearance, your personality and talents. Always end your letter with lots of kisses: 'xxx' or whatever else floats your boat.


Curl up on your sofa with your favourite romantic comedy. Don’t forget your favourite bottle of plonk. There is nothing better than setting off the feeling of love than watching a good rom-com. Love and laughter always a great recipe.


Treat yourself to flowers or perfume.  I love roses but I don’t have the patience to wait around for some tall handsome stranger to run down the street after me with a dozen clutched in his hand. So buy yourself a bunch and place them in your favourite vase. It brightens your mood and your face.   My all time favourite sent costs around £60. I often get compliments about it. One day that lover will want to buy you your favourite scent. Set the standard ladies!

Dinner for one

Invite yourself to dinner. Of course sitting in a romantic restaurant on your lonesome does not appeal but there is nothing stopping you from setting up a romantic meal for one at home. Cook your favourite meal, set the table with a nice table cloth and your finest cutlery. Light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine.

Little Notes

Leave little notes for yourself. When you get up in the morning and drag your feet to the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a note saying something like ‘Smile today beautiful’ stuck to the mirror? It is the perfect start to a day.

Pleasure lingerie

Treat yourself to some silk or lace lingerie, just knowing you are wearing them under your clothes somehow will make you feel very sexy and confident. The new sexy confidence will be evident to others. *inserts wink here*

Just knowing how to make yourself feel good and loved is the key to attracting that special someone.