Feeding our minds and souls at Vocals & Verses' 3rd Anniversary


On April 22nd and 24th, we had the pleasure of being present at the Vocals & Verses showcase's 3rd year anniversary. Let us tell you that the artists - the talent didn't not disappoint.

However, I couldn't help but feel as though there was something missing. Perhaps it may have been because the nights were separated, therefore making the 'verses' night lack it's usual vibe and energy. I am talking about the live band being present and interluding in between sets. The event compensated for this on its 'vocals' night by receiving great talents such as the likes of Raheem Bakare, a recurring favourite - Aron (and that's Aron with one 'A') and the ever charismatic and vocal extraordinaire, King Cas. Yes, King Cas definitely rocked the crowd and even managed to get us all on our feet by performing Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You'.

View snippets from some of the performances on our Instagram page.

True to the event's motto, minds and souls were fed through the reverberations of Anthony Anaxagorou, Lionheart, Ayo - hailing from the Universtity of Suli Breaks and Mega who wow'ed the audience with her rendition of Lauryn Hill's classic 'Ex-Factor'.

Lookout for extended videos of the performances and the mentioned poets' uplifting, controversial, witty, funny and educative poetry pieces. Below are some of the images from the event. View the full album on the Vocals & Verses Facebook page.

Nights of verses

Anthony Anaxagorou



Benjamin Bennett

Sia & Jolade

Anthony Anaxogorou

Aisling Fahey


Nights of vocals

Shanteh Fuller

Jules Rendell



King Cas

Raheem Bakare


Getting social

(Left to Right) Bianca Gourgel, Myself & Fiona Aber

Deborah (editor) and YJ (hip hop artist)