Missing Nigerian girls: what can I do?

Recent reports show the number of girls captured from Chibok secondary school has again increased.  A group of over 200 girls were abducted nearly 3 weeks ago from their school in Borno state, Nigeria. Although no group has out rightly claimed responsibility for the devastating operation, it is thought that the Islamist militant group known as Boko Haram carried out the kidnapping.


This week hundreds of Nigerians, predominantly women, took to the streets to protest against the lack of support from the leadership of the country in finding the girls. The government has claimed that they are withholding information as not to threaten the security of the captured young women, as opposed to not knowing their whereabouts.


There is talk that some of the girls are being transported across the border and will be forced into marriages with leaders of the terrorist group.  It has certainly been a wake up call for those desiring to take action against social injustice. The problem of sexual trafficking will undeniably be brought to people’s attention once again.


News has spread all over the world and this week protests were held outside the Nigerian embassy in London. The general consensus is that people are frustrated with the government’s handling of the situation. Time is ticking and the longer they sit and wait; the less likely these parents will ever have the chance to see their daughters again.


Many are asking, what can we do? You can start off by bringing awareness of the crisis by posting articles like this one onto your social networking pages. Letters can be written to your local MP asking if Britain can somehow intervene. You can also research groups that are organising rallies in the UK and find out how you can get involved with pushing this agenda.


Please spend a moment to pray for the nation; for the distraught mothers, for those in leadership and most importantly for those young women who have been taken against their own will. Nigeria needs help, will you respond?