Unveiling Maeva ... & Waiki Harnais

If you love someone, should you tell them?

Unveiling Maeva tells the story of two best friends, Maeva and Alan, who grew up in the same area and became very close over the years. Unable to take their friendship further due to Maeva’s overprotective twin brother, the two friends have to conceal their feelings for each other until one fateful night, when Maeva “accidentally” leaves her diary in a pile of books that Alan came to pick up from her flat. 

Written and produced by upcoming filmmaker, Waiki Harnais, the film explores the theme of hidden and somewhat prohibited love, and everything that surrounds it – the frustrations, the passion, the secrets... through the use of a profound yet relatable prose piece and clever narrative with the probability of evoking perhaps an all-too-familiar question: 'if you love someone, should you tell them?' 

Being a literary art enthusiast, it was only right that I ask of Waiki to unveil her inspiration behind this great short film and and let me in on what she wishes to accomplish within the film industry. 




Where did the inspiration for 'Unveiling Maeva' come from?

I first wrote this long piece of prose which I then published on my personal blog. It talked about loving someone in secret, and all the frustrations attached to it - from the time spent together to the phone conversations, the smiles, the bond... Then the more I read the piece the more I realised there was actually viable story within it. So I developed the characters and wrote the script, which actually went through about 3 drafting stages.


If you were to turn the short film in to a 90minutes film, what would the storyline be?

I would definitely turn it into a romance, full of obstacles but a passionate and exciting love story nonetheless. I would go back in time to explore the dynamics of Maeva and Alan’s friendship, what made them so close and why they couldn’t be together at first. I would also introduce Bryan, the brother, explain his role in Maeva’s life and his tendency to over-protect and smother her. There would be a happy ending, but not without a fight…


It sounds, really poetic - are you a poetic person?

I don’t consider myself to be a very poetic person, but I am an avid writer. I have these random bouts of creativity and inspiration where I just write very profound texts. Most of them are fictional though, so I use them as a basis for stories or monologues.


Under which genre would you place this film?

It’s a short drama/romance. Some would label it as a short urban drama.


What's the ultimate goal you are working towards achieving in your career

At the moment I really enjoy writing and producing my own work, but also working alongside upcoming filmmakers. My aim is to get as much experience on set as possible, to learn all the tricks of the industry, make contacts, etc… Hopefully in the long run I will start collaborating with larger production houses and take things to a whole new level. The goal is to have a fulfilling career in film, working internationally as a screenwriter, producer or a director – one of these roles… I’m still undecided!