BEAUTY DU JOUR: The Christine Fisher Experience

Christine Fisher is a 24 year old self taught, seasoned makeup artist who treats her work as what it’s titled – art. She states, “it’s the best way I know how to express myself and it brings me so much joy doing that”.


What is the Christine Fisher Experience?

The Christine Fisher Experience comes from my desire to make every single person (male or female) go through a transforming experience; I want each individual to feel beautiful and empowered. It’s important to me that all my clients to feel important. The Christine Fisher Experience is bespoke. I customise everything right down to the foundation for the individual, every person is different and important and I want everyone I work with to feel that.


What has the industry been like for you?

For one thing, the industry is highly competitive; it’s the kind of field where you get what you are willing to put in. You get to work with and meet so many amazing people and you also have the occasional nasty clients. Being freelance MUA it’s tough but I remind myself why I’ve chosen this career and it makes every hard day worth it!


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Does Being Natural Affect The Way Clients See you?

It’s been a huge advantage for me! It gives a client reassurance when I have to do their makeup as well as style their natural hair. Most importantly, it makes me stand out, my hair is almost always a topic of discussions when I’m at bookings.


Advice for those starting?

I’ve found that most important thing is your attitude and character, be good to people as that is the number one thing to make or break your career.  Also be professional and punctual at all times! Lastly, be prepared to work with and type of skin tone, from the lightest ivory to the deepest ebony. Try to get the lightest and darkest shade then you can mix the colours for people in between