Achieving a flawless natural makeup finish


The natural makeup look allows you achieve a minimal finish yet still allows you to add a subtle definition to your key and favourite features - your cheeks, eyes and lips. Actress Lupita Nyong’o knows how to pull of this off and now you can too, with the following suggestions:

Primer and concealer

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To achieve the no makeup/natural look it’s essential to prime your face as this will help as a base for your makeup to set and last throughout the day. My favourite primer to use is MAC prep+prime skin base visage, you don’t have to follow this order as some choose apply foundation before concealer but after priming your face apply a concealer of your choice (I absolutely love MAC’s prolong long wear concealer) under your eyes, a little on your forehead, centre of the chin and nose line.



Do not to use too much foundation, be sure to use it on your t-zone area and blend it out. Makeup brands, Urban Decay, Benefit, Mac, Fashion Fair, Bobbi Brown and Chanel - just to name a few have some of the best foundation for full flawless coverage.

Eye shadow

make up 010The eye shadow you use on your eyes is very important. Using a soft, brownish tint helps enhance your eye’s natural contours without showing up as shadow, select a shade that is a little darker than your skin colour. Brush it into the creases and along the lower lashes. You can leave it at that if you wish or if you want little glow you can apply a brown shimmery eye shadow to the centre of your lids and blend it out with a blending brush. If you want your eyes to have more definition you can line your eyes with an eye pencil, my choice would be the Barry M eye pencil because the pencil is soft for easy application.



The next step would be to apply mascara to your lashes with two coats to the top lashes and one to the bottom lashes - your favourite mascara will do.


50390502-1_4The next stage is enhancing your cheeks and to help me do that I use Sleek's Contour Kit, it's inexpensive but the quality is amazing. It is sectioned in two - one section is the contour powder and the other section the highlighter. Using a contour brush apply the powder to the hallows of your cheek bone and blend it out and use the highlighter on your cheeks just enough so you see it glow. Remember this is a natural look your going for after all.





Now that everything is applied to set your makeup first use a face powder on your face with an all over brush. I use the MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder. Then use a setting spray - also helps to set your makeup and give it a shine.


 Lip stick/gloss


Now for the final touch, apply lipstick or lip gloss. Always try to use a nude lipstick or lip gloss but if you want little colour on your lip use a soft pink colour. I have not always liked nude lipsticks because I enjoy colour but I recently tried Sleek’s Matte Me range in shade “birthday suit” and I loved it. If you like a little gloss on your lips, I would recommend MUA’s lip gloss to give it that shine. And voila! You’re done! Your no makeup/natural look has now been accomplished.


By Cassandra Dadey