Getting shead'ed by London-based nail technician, Shea Moss


Nail-art is a great way to make a statement. Shea’d (pronounced shade) are innovators in the nail art industry with their creative designs. Georgina Adegbemi tells us about her Shea’d experience.

I was given the opportunity by AFRONOIRE to get my nails manicured by ‘Shea’d nails’ based in the heart of East London. Although I got lost on the way (haha) and turned up 30 minutes late for my appointment Shea simply excused this and carried on with business as usual.

Her extensive display of all her nails paints caught my eye immediately as I walked into the nail salon. She also displays her ORIGINAL nail designs including Aztec, diamonds and studs. I was greatly surprised by Shea’s professional, but warm and welcoming manner (as I have had some bad experiences at other nail salons in the past).

Before she started with the process of designing my nails, she made sure I was happy with my choices. She even gave my nails an ombré twist to bump it up a little. Shea started her nail business 6 years ago and today she is being flummoxed by bookings from girls all over London. She is sure to inspire anyone looking to go into the beauty profession.

Check out her Instagram for more amazing nails creations and inspiration. Visit for price list and to book an appointment

*Georgina Adegbemi was one of our competition winners.