RIP Karyn Washington

I was saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Karyn Washington, founder of amazing organisations: For Brown Girls (FBG) and #DarkSkinRedLip.


To hear that her cause of her death was as a result of suicide which I knew had to be as a result of severe depression, my heart broke even further. The various articles on the world wide web, wishing Karyn a good rest and remembering her, speak of her achievements and the impact she has made with her projects.


I remember when I got the notification that For Brown Girls was following us on Twitter - this excited me much because we were at the beginning stages of Afronoire. Most importantly, it offered a validation which I welcomed as we shared the same vision and it reinforced one of my motivations for pursuing Afronoire which was that I had two little brown girls who are my beloved siblings. One of whom has been on the receiving end of colour discrimination and has even voiced, twice or thrice that she did indeed wish that she was of a lighter complexion - sometimes.


I was able to reach my sister and encourage her to love herself unconditionally for all that she is because the cliche that 'who you are on the inside is what matters most' is indeed true. But like my sister, there are many other girls who feel the same way. This where For Brown Girls shone and will continue to shine.


Washington has transitioned into the next lifetime and I pray and wish that her soul rests peacefully. Though I didn't know her personally, I am thankful for her existence and the contribution she has made to society.


Her friend remembers her in a heartfelt and personal piece, which can be fully read here


When I look at you I see a reflection of myself and most certainly that is why this hurts so badly. From now on I’ll forever remember your big beautiful smile, your charm, ambition, professionalism, entrepreneurship, confidence, humility, your drive, and your beautiful Brown Skin. That is what I’ll choose to remember… because to be honest, I’m a bit angry with you. Indeed I’m being selfish, but my heart is devastated- yet, because I know a tad bit about what you were going through I can understand. I’m guilt tripping because I wish I could’ve been there for you a little bit more. I’m so sorry, but I can’t help but to think that with just a little bit more time or a little less distance, proximity would’ve allowed me to make, maybe the slightest difference…. Forgive me!


Let's continue to support Karyn's work. Find out more about both projects here: -