Hair Review: Using Curlformers

I took some time out to try Hairflair’s Curlformers, a heat-free answer to creating bouncy curls.  Once you get the hang of them, Curlformers are relatively easy to put in and take out.  They are perfect if you are worried about heat damage and, if used correctly, can create a vibrant, flirty look.  Used on damp hair, Curlformers include a styling hook and come in different colours and sizes. The great thing about Curlformers is that they are suitable for all hair types including those transitioning.

A four-step guide to using Curlformers:-

1.) Dampen or wet hair

2.) Section and twist hair at the root

3.) Use the Curlformer hook near the root to pull the hair through the Curlformer

4.) Wait for your hair to dry,  remove and enjoy your bouncy, heat-free curls!

Although the Curlformers did take a while to get the hang of, they produced some springy attractive curls, definitely worth the effort!

You can purchase Curlformers from

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Words: Siobhan Sheppard