Spicing it up in the bedroom


Sex.  The very mention of the word makes us all sit up and take notice regardless of the state of our sex lives or lack of. If you are one of the lucky ones who is getting down to some hot passion on a regular basis, good for you!  But there are times, when you are in a long term relationship the spark fizzles out and its time to spice things up.    How do you know if the spark has gone?  If the following sounds familiar its time to act.

  • You can’t be asked to dig out the sexy lingerie that is gathering dust at the bottom of your drawer.  You wear the old house panties and think it doesn’t matter because ‘its only gonna get taken off’.
  • Stop having sex in the same place. Take it outside the bedroom, try the kitchen or bathroom.  Try outside just don’t get caught!
  • You think whipped cream and chocolate sauce only belongs on your pudding.  Try sweeting up things by eating them off your partner.
  •  The 69, The magic bullet, Scissors, Saddle.  What are they?  They are sex positions and if you don’t know them its time to change it up a little.
  • Playing with toys can be fun.  I’m not talking dolls and teddybears!
  • Foreplay is not just kissing and hugging.  Role playing and seduction can turn up the heat.
  • You set a day for sex.  I still cannot believe people who live together do that, throw the calendar away and surprise your man with some morning sex.  Send him to work with a smile.
  • Tell each other what you want.  What is the point of having sex with someone who hasn’t a clue to what turns you on.

For all you ladies that are presently single take notes so you will be ready.  That new man won’t know what hit him.