Hairfinity: The Hairway to Heaven?


The dietary supplement, ‘HAIRFINITY’, promises to help strengthen hair and promote hair growth with just two capsules taken daily.  From Elle Varner (Musician) to Toya Carter (Reality TV Star), it seems US celebrities can’t get enough of the hottest hair product to hit the scene.  Being proudly African my hair is naturally coarse.  So much so, that when I was younger, my mum took me a hairdresser and  because of the nature of my hair, the hairstylist (who obviously had inadequate skills), pretended she had some emergency and promptly left (yes, it was that bad!).  Over the years my hair has gotten better, but one side of my hair recently begun breaking.  So naturally when I saw Hairfinity advertised on Instagram, I was intrigued and decided to give it a go.  I am now on my second week. So what is in this capsule that seems to have everybody in a frenzy? Hairfinity contains Capilsana Complex which provides special sulfur and 18 amino acids that encourage healthy hair growth; all the ingredients needed for healthy long hair.  Studies show that taking this supplement reduces the typical amount of shedding and increases hair growth in a 30 day period.  There is plenty of evidence on social networks (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) where Hairfinity users have uploaded pictures of their 'before and after' hair results.   Well, the saying “seeing is believing” comes to mind.  Here is a picture of a customer who took the hair supplement (this image is from the Hairfinity Instagram page).

Tinsta hair pic

Well, I hope the supplement works the same wonders for me, oh the things we do for healthy long hair.  Wish me luck!

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Words: Cassandra Dadey.

Image: Instagram