'Holding up a mirror to see and know ourselves differently' - A different mirror, an event by The Body Narratives


The Body Narratives' anticipated workshop project is just 2 weeks away and their new promotional video has got us looking forward to the event even more. Most importantly, the event sets out to challenge and positively influence the socially and media constructed ideas of gender, race as it relates to women of colour and how we see themselves.


Scheduled to take place between April 25th to 27th, 'A Different Mirror' is to be a 3-day exhibition packed with educational activities, exploring the relationship between the body image and identity of Women of Colour (WoC). Using visual art, film, dance and poetry from some of London's credible creatives and entrepreneurs, they will explore the conflicts and complexities associated with our own self-constructed perceptions of ourselves and that of others, of us.

The project will feature works by: Indigo WilliamsLesley AsareSanaa HamidNasreen RajaSarina Leah MantleWasma MansourUchenna DancePatricia KaersenhoutNg’endo MukiiJanine ‘j*9′ FrancoisClare ElukaEmerzy Corbin and Aowen Jin