HouseMates premiers on BWNG TV!


HouseMates was created, written and directed by Monique Needham through her media platform GetNeeks and was inspired by her very own real life experiences. Described as a ‘Friends’ meets ‘Girlfriends’ docu-drama; HouseMates gives insight into the special bond of female friendship, through its individual characters.  



Episode 1, Disturbia tells the typical story of the housemates having a laugh during a girly night in downstairs, whilst what seems like the ‘sensible’ housemate Zara is desperately trying to sleep. It pretty much sets the scene for the girls and prepares audiences for a serious clash of personalities as the series unravels. Gearing us up for the exciting mayhem to come, HouseMates will have four situational episodes as well as bonus minisodes available to watch via BWNG TV.

The first episode premiered on 18th March 2015, proving to be a great start to the series, it’s guaranteed it won’t go without lots of drama, laughter and entertainment along the way.

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