Jewel By Lisa - The SS14 Look Book

Jewel By Lisa's collection is a true aesthetic of the cool. It is a collection that does not disappoint and stays integral to its ethos. 


Nigerian-born fashion designer: Lisa Folawiyo presents an eclectic elegant yet casual and cool line clothing goodness as she once again revolutionises the traditional use of prints in the Western hemisphere and serves us with incredibly embellished-detailed pieces from her SS14 collection. These details appear to be intricately perfect as can be seen on the aprons accompanying the clothing items - making them unavoidably subject to much admiration, earning its creator thumbs up of brilliance!


We cannot help but love the diversity and versatility of this collection, for each respective item can be worn and attributed to different occasions, wether it be a date, a day on the beach, a soiree, or a casual daytime look.


To be cool means to become composed in a sharing sense, to remember the way one ought to be -  It is an intensity matched with ecstasy. Cool is a sign of a positive transitions to ideals worlds.


It seems Ms. Folawiyo has and continues to make transitions with her groundbreaking innovations. 


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