Kim Kardashian admits that before having her daughter, she 'never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought'


Kim made the admission in a recent blog post. As I read the brief entry, I was surprised. Though it's a great thing that her daughter has helped her to connect to this's surprising that she is only just realising this fact. Does she not watch Kanye rant about these issues all the time? Where was she when the world was fighting and crying for Trayvon Martin? Does she think that because she doesn't have to think about or be judged for the colour of her skin and that the subject of racism is only reserved to politics and to people of colour? It seems that until North, it was just a topic that she had no interest in.  

To be honest, before I had North, I never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought...But recently, I’ve read and personally experienced some incidents that have sickened me and made me take notice. I realize that racism and discrimination are still alive, and just as hateful and deadly as they ever have been.


Her confession definitely reinforces some the assumptions made about her, like her being egotistical and ignorant. But like Kim, there are many others who 'believe that [racism] is someone else's battle' and have a dismissive stance towards racism by ignoring it when it is an issue that is so often talked about and in their faces, as it pertains to Kim, she shamelessly writes 'it is obviously a topic that Kanye is passionate about'. Well, madam! If your beloved partner is passionate about something, wouldn't you care? Or did she think Kanye was being crazy in his rants like many other assumes he constantly is?


I feel a responsibility as a mother, a public figure, a human being, to do what I can to make sure that not only my child, but all children, don’t have to grow up in a world where they are judged by the color of their skin, or their gender, or their sexual orientation. I want my daughter growing up in a world where love for one another is the most important thing.

So the first step I’m taking is to stop pretending like this isn’t my issue or my problem, because it is, it’s everyone’s… because the California teenager who was harassed and killed by his classmates for being gay, the teenage blogger in Pakistan who was shot on her school bus for speaking out in favor of women’s rights, the boy in Florida who was wrongly accused of committing a crime and ultimately killed because of the color of his skin, they are all someone’s son and someone’s daughter and it is our responsibility to give them a voice and speak out for those who can’t and hopefully in the process, ensure that hate is something our children never have to see.


Even though I like to stress our relationships with others should be about who they are as human spirits and not the colour of their skin, that shouldn't stop you and I (unless we simply don't care) from taking an interest in the culture of these friends. This is why her admittance is easily infuriating because of her publicised friendships and relationships with African-Americans. It appears that, when it comes our blackness, many in the world are only prepared to temporarily live the black experience and temporarily adopt our cultures and tendencies. How convenient! As often said, people want to be black for a moment, but not forever. Fortunately for Kim, she is connected to the black experience in a way that she cannot disconnect herself. If her letter is anything to go by, she is making the admirable and conscious decision to learn and take a stand against racism and discrimination because she has been given a glimpse as to how debilitating and hurtful that world can be.


It is positive that she has been enlightened and I certainly hope that with this enlightenment will come the act of teaching her daughter to take pride in all of her different cultures, heritage. With that being said, I am expecting to see less of the fabulous life of Kim Kardashian and more of Kim the activist with the fabulous life.