Lancôme launch Grandiôse mascara.


Bending the mascara rules: Lancôme’s Grandiose mascara promises to give a more defined and enhanced curl than ever before.

Lancôme has created a new brush designed to give your eyelashes more volume as well as a more evenly spread look.  The “Swan-neck” wand has been adapted to work with different eye shapes; the unique curve giving you the ability to freely and easily manoeuvre the brush around the eye.  Whether using the brush in an upward or downward position, the lashes from the root to the tip are given full attention.

For me, the most intriguing part of the brush is how efficient it is from different angles. The Swan-neck can be rotated and flipped effortlessly and because of its bend, the mascara works just as well if the curve is facing upward as it does facing downward and enables the inner corner of the eye to be reached as easily as the outer corner.

When using Grandiôse, start by applying mascara to the outer corner of the eye and fan out the lashes for a winged look.  Then work your way to the middle and then to the inner lashes of the eye whilst slightly rotating the brush to lift the lashes up and out.  Remember, for the outer corner and centre, the curve of the wand should face downward; for the inner corner, the curve should face upward. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired look.  One coat is enough for average day-to-day wear, however 2 or 3 coats will deliver the most dramatic look!

Go to your nearest Debenhams or Boots store to pick up your Lancôme Grandiôse mascara and witness the amazing effects for yourself.

Words by Yasmina McNabb.