Madonna & Child - In Honour Of Mother's Day


This post was inspired by the visuals of French photographer - Olivier Martel. As I was flipping through his photographic collection titled 'Women of the world', the images of mothers and their child in various settings around the world had a profound effect on me.

The images immediately conjured up images of the infamous 'madonna and child' - commonly recognised as the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. It underscored the importance of and the preciousness of our existence; how wonderful the women who chose to bring us into this world and their mothers are and should always be celebrated.

It reverberated unity and evoked emotions of unconditional love - an emotion that's universal, that links all of humanity. I hope that this love is what you will continue to share towards your mother, your children and those around you. So in honour of Mother's Day, here's a selection of 'mother & child' images from the world wide web. To all the mothers, guardians and fathers, Happy Mother's Day!