MAKE YOURSELF COUNT: Organise your thoughts via meditation


Life sure can be overwhelming. Work, kids, partner, siblings, shopping, bills, the list goes on and on. So many things to remember and so many things forgotten. Your mind can sometimes feel like an overused personal organiser.

Meditation can calm you and bring you a sense of inner peace.

When you’re stressed and tired, your judgment can become impaired and your health affected. When you feel like this it is time to organise your thoughts and de-stress, and meditation could be the answer to your prayers.

Why meditation? Meditation can calm you and bring you a sense of inner peace. It is good practice to achieve clarity, become more focused and give you a new perspective on life. It is also great for lowering blood pressure.   A wealth of celebrities regularly meditate, these include Oprah Winfrey and Russell Simmons.

If you have never meditated you may wonder how is humming and sitting uncomfortably in a field going to help you! But learning how to meditate correctly should give to you all the benefits.


  1. TIME – Take 10-15 minutes to dedicate to meditation.  Meditation need not take hours or days.  Leave that to the Buddhist Priests.
  1. CHOOSE YOUR SPOT –  Make sure you choose a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed.  This could be anywhere you feel comfortable.  Switch off your phone and close your windows to quieten the on-going traffic outside if necessary.
  1. OUTFIT – There is no special requirement but to wear loose comfortable clothing.
  1. SIT COMFORTABLY – Sitting back straight in the lotus position is not required.  You can meditate in your favourite chair or lie on your back in bed.  The rule of thumb is to be completely relaxed.  Just close your eyes and shut the world out.
  1. BREATHE – Focus on your breathing alone. Deep breaths will help calm and relax you.  Try your best to clear your mind.  You may find that your mind may wonder when you first start with meditation, but this will get better with practice.
  1.  VISUALISATION – Some people find it nicer to visualise.  For example let their thoughts wonder and imagine themselves on a beautiful beach.
  1.  MEET UP – Joining a meditation would give you greater insight and support.


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