WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG: With Brown Beauty Blogger Tunrayo

Tunrayo is a 23 year-old Nigerian-born Londoner who resides in north London. She works in Finance by day and a writer/blogger by night. She comments that: 'blogging has very much become a second nature to me now, whenever I'm not writing (taking a break from blogging) I feel like I'm missing out on something and feel unsettled.' Tunrayo also as a Social Media manager for brownbeauty.co.uk which is  an online magazine targeted at WOC, that covers everything from skincare, body, hair and make up. Tunrayo loves pretty things, and has an uncontrollable addiction for nail lacquer!

Where did your purchase your bag from? 

I got this brown shopper bag from H&M a few weeks ago for £14.99 (what a bargain!) I was drawn to the bag by it simplicity but yet stylish structure, it a vary easy to carry bag and fits all my extra bits I carry with me everyday.


How long you've had your bag for?

The bag is fairly new, I think it's about 4 weeks old. I carry it everywhere with me now, when I get a bag that I really like I tend to carry it for a very long time until I see another one I like or when my outfits requires a change of bag.

What does your bag say about you?

My bag says a lot about me! Mainly because I always have everything I think I will need and don't need (lol) hence why I'm always on the lookout for medium/big sized bags.

What do you like most about your bag?

I like my bag because it fits everything I need which are my camera, mac book, makeup purse, umbrella, and my other bits. And also it's very stylish and pretty much goes with every outfit as it's brown.

What do you carry in your bag? Amongst those items, what are your must-haves? 

I carry a lot in my bag! As a blogger one have to be prepare and always have a backup so I always carry my charger with me everywhere I go.  My must have items that are always in my bag has to be my Sleek red lip stick "Stilettos", Burt's Bee lip balm, my refillable perfume bottle ( saves me from carrying my big bottle of Christian Dior Jador around with me) and my Nivea hand cream.