Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara - the affordable mascara that actually works!


The Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara vows to make your lashes bigger and better and they’re not lying! 

I’m one of those unlucky girls that literally have no eyelashes… okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are quite pathetic.  They’re incredibly short and even the expensive mascaras don’t seem to do much.  I usually have to apply three different mascaras for a night out, only for my friends to say I don’t have any on!  But, I think I’ve finally found something that gives my eyelashes the boost they need: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara.  Here’s what Maybelline had to say: It’s‘Our first double brush mascara with specific brushes for upper and lower lashes and creates bigger looking eyes, amplifying lashes all around… The push up brush pushes upper lashes up and wide for a volumised full fan effect.  The sculpting mini brush grabs and magnifies the look of even the tiniest of lashes.’

The two wands make all the difference.  The mini brush captures the smallest lashes and gives coverage everywhere, for an extra oomph, the push up brush is really handy.  But for the best results, I use the mini brush as it focuses on the tiny lashes.  I start off by zigzagging the mini brush along my upper lashes to separate and give them some length.  Then without dipping the wand back into the tube, I do the same to my lower lashes.  This way there’s not too much product on the brush so you don’t get flecks of mascara on your face.  Even at this stage, my eyelashes look perfect for a day out, but for a night out, apply the push up brush to the upper lashes; it adds to the length and makes the lashes appear thicker.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review - no mascara on

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review - mini brush on

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review - push up brush on top of mini brush

The Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara is priced at £8.99 at Superdrug, but keep an eye out for special offers as I purchased mine for £6 - bargain!

Images:, Symone Keisha.