Is Zara The Queen Of The High Street?


Zara has quickly become my favourite high street store. It’s always on trend, producing garments of superior quality and detailed design. As I’m getting older, both physically and mentally, Zara is accommodating to all of my womanly needs. The store offers women an array of clothing suitable for a night out, an interview or even just a casual day out in the city. Let’s face it ladies, Zara’s got you! But just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I have to limit myself to just the women’s department right? 1zaraarticle3

I’m sure I’m not the only girl who occasionally shops in the men’s section of certain stores. Zara is the perfect place to do so because their men’s line is easily adaptable to a woman's style. If you’re going for the oversized look, head over to Zara Men and you’ll definitely find something, as they have a range of plain, printed and denim shirts that are suitable as a loose fit for women. That’s not all though. The men’s range of bags are great for a woman that doesn’t necessarily want a bag that is primarily feminine.



Zara is known for being a ‘fashion imitator’ meaning that the brand takes major influence from high end fashion. However, Zara’s items come without the expensive price tag. Think about other high street stores with a price range similar to Zara – Topshop, River Island, and Bershka. Now think about the quality of items from each store. Zara trumps them easily, focusing on attention to detail, good quality material and garments that echo high end fashion. The women’s line always delivers on seasonal trends with colours that really makes an outfit stand out.


To complete an outfit, shoes are vital and the people at Zara understand this. Although the sizing of footwear and garments aren’t always accurate, Zara’s shoes have the right amount of class, sexiness and detailing. Their shoes - ankle boots in particular, never disappoint. Head to a Zara store when it’s in sale, and you’ll get a massive decrease on the price of footwear.

With autumn here, Zara is the perfect place to update your wardrobe.