Media Diversified Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign


Media Diversified has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create an interactive directory that will promote the voices of talented writers and experts - and you should support it because 'a diverse media is of benefit to everyone as the media should reflect the society which it aims to serve and represent'

With statistics highlighting that 94% of journalists are white when 1 in 6 of the British population is not, (McPherson report,1999) it shows that there's a clear lack of representation with BAME individuals being under-represented by 300% in the media industry. Media Diversified aims to change this, by offering help and guidance to writers and journalists of colour to be published in national newspapers, magazines and in broadcasting media outlets. 

The money raised will contribute to the creation of a custom interactive directory of ethnic minority writers and experts. The directory will also be open the national news (broadcasting, magazine etc...) outlets via subscription which will allow them to commission guests for TV and radio shows or to write articles. Find out more and support the campaign here. Be kind to the Kickstarter campaign with friends, family and colleagues and donate if you can.

Media Diversified is a non profit organisation. Media Diversity past work includes, #AllWhiteFrontPages - a social media campaign to raise awareness of the British media’s need to include ethnic minority groups in their stories that are non-negative and a reinforcement of negative stereotypes. Find out more about the organisation here