Medicinal mushrooms can boost your immunity


Our wonderful nature has blessed with essential nutrients need to fuel and heal our bodies. Some of these nutrients can be found in mushrooms..yes mushrooms.

With some being culinary and some not, mushrooms have powerful immune boosting properties. Medicinal mushrooms are packed with nutrients such as calcium, selenium, iron, and vitamins B, C and D. They are also a wonderful source of ergothioneine and antioxidant thought to protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Extracts are either water based or alcohol based and can contain one or more types of mushroom.



This mushroom is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to support male reproductive health. These mushrooms are also potent cancer fighters because of their ability to scavenge free radicals.



This mushroom increases natural killer cell function. It is also capable of lowering blood pressure and reducing symptoms of type 2 diabetes.


Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

Reishi can halt the proliferation of prostate cancer cells by causing them to commit suicide. Also known to aid in cases of breast cancer and an amazing tonic to boost all round immunity.



A lovely source of lentinan, an active compound the stimulates the immune system. Lentinan boosts intestinal immunity and fights infection throughout the body.

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