Meet Vanessa: Self-made matchmaker

My role is simple. I see two people who have the potential to build something worthwhile and I enlist the appropriate measures needed to make this a reality.

Allow your minds to picture this; there is a young woman who knows that she is lacking in the romance department. Then we have a developing gentleman who is covertly excited by the prospect of being in a serious relationship, yet he has not got the foggiest clue for the best way to go about things. That is where I come in.

I would like to think of myself as a sort of passing intermediary in that, I drop the necessary hints and tips needed to necessitate our classic boy meets girl scenario. It seems God decided that the world needed my eyes; the vision of a person who can see the future in two people. So far my recommendations have landed in two marriages, one that has a child and a few long-term relationships. Recently, I was shocked to find out that a couple of years past, I had put in a good word for a potential couple and now they are inseparable. Again confirming the notion that I am good at this.

So, why do I do it? Firstly, as cliché as it sounds, I have a deep love for love and I think that it should be shared by all who are willing to accept its invitation. Moreover, if I have been endowed with a gift to see romance in its pre-conception stage, I feel I owe it to those connected to me to share this knowledge. Some might question if my services are needed. For if you believe in soul mates and The One, surely there is no requirement for an arbitrator like myself to turn on the music and get you dancing. I shall leave you to debate that.

I take my responsibility very seriously. Sadly, I do not believe that everyone is born endowed with the knowledge of how to woo a girl or catch the attention of a guy. It might be worthwhile to take a slice of humble pie and realise that we all need a little boost sometimes.

Despite my continuing success in my field, I have had one instance where the lovebirds failed to sing off the same song sheet. Admittedly, I was gutted that this failed to take flight, yet I saw it as an opportunity to learn. Perhaps if they had put more effort it would have worked, or rather, I might have been in haste to merge two people who in actual fact were not ready for that level of commitment.

Going back to the drawing board taught me a life lesson, which I pray I never lose. When things go wrong, it is best to analyse yourself. I could have blamed them for ruining my winning streak, however that would have solved nothing. On the contrary, I used it as a time to revise my techniques and sharpen my eye, so to speak.

Perchance if I had let the rejection of defeat enslave me, the next couple would be still wandering this earth speculating if there was someone out there for them. So, I carry on, in my quest as a self-made matchmaker to fill the hearts of my friends and associates with love. For if I stop, will I forever bear the guilt of not knowing what could have been?