Motions is my way to natural, healthy hair!


As a 21-year-old who has worn her hair natural her entire life, I can assure you; I have been through an extraordinary amount of hair products.  Products that promise to ‘nourish’, ‘moisturise’, ‘soften’ and ‘slick’... yeah right, this afro isn’t slicking down for anyone!  I’ve gone from being a product junkie to only using natural products in my hair, but all I’ve really wanted is for my hair to look and feel healthy.  Amazingly, I think I’ve found the products to help make that happen. Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo and Motions Hair and Scalp Conditioner are the only products I’m using right now and my hair seems to adore them.  Many naturalistas avoid using shampoo and choose to co-wash their hair (co-wash = washing your hair with conditioner) because shampoo can contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which can make the hair dry.  The downside to co-washing is that it doesn’t always completely clean dirt and product build up on the hair.  Although Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo does contain SLS, it does not dry my hair at all.  It actually leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and clean and minimised shedding whilst washing (a problem I’ve had with other shampoos).  Maybe it’s the added Shea Butter and Silk Protein in the shampoo that counteracts the SLS...whatever it is, I love it!

Motions is my way to natural, healthy hair

The Motions Hair and Scalp Conditioner is my other favourite.  Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s not a conditioner to use after washing your hair, it works more like a hair grease.  Although it has the texture of a hair grease, it isn’t overly greasy and a little goes a long way.  I use it every few days when plaiting my hair before bed.  In the morning, my hair is soft and manageable and it really helps to lay my edges underneath my satin scarf!  This conditioner is perfect for my favourite hairstyle; a two strand twist-out.  My twist-out retains its length, has huge volume and a healthy shine.

Motions is my way to natural, healthy hair

I’ve tried 100% pure oils and I’ve made my own hair creams using natural ingredients, but my hair didn’t agree with them.  Although these products do contain ingredients like SLS and Mineral Oil, which isn’t considered the best for natural hair; for some reason, my hair really does love these two products.  Whether you’re natural, permed or somewhere in between - why not try these on for size?

Words by: Symone Keisha