MusicConnex Live: an original new music event poised to revolutionise "Soul discovery".


MusicConnex Live is a celebration of Soul, showcasing those carrying on the legacy of music's most honest and heart-stirring genre. The original new music event will take place on September 28th at The Jazz Café, Camden, featuring Grammy Award Winner Algebra Blessett, Sulpacio Jones, Glewdolyn Collins (all from the US), Dolla Lova (from Finland) and representing the UK, Incognito's star and Eurovision Song Contest runner up – Imaani.  Never before has an event been set up to cater to a genre of music largely overlooked in today's music mainstream. Jon Mansfield - the man behind MusicConnex is a Music Industry Executive who has now dedicated his life to supporting Independent Soul Artists - national and international ones.

Jon comments: "although I have worked in all areas of the industry covering most genres I have always had a passion for Soul Music. I am keen to remind people of this great genre that seems to have been left in the corner for a while now, although a thriving scene exists, it seems to be off the radar of most people. It's honest, passionate and heart-warming music. It would be wonderful to see it get wider exposure and recognition".

With the indie movement constantly feeling the pinch from the mainstream, MusicConnex Live will provide a platform to help independent artists in the digital age. The essence of the showcase is to capitalise on new talent poised and ready to take the industry by storm.

Don’t miss this 'Global Soul Exchange' tour with an international line-up, independent artists set to be revival and renaissance of 'New Soul' music.



  • Saturday 27th September Studio 2, Liverpool – TICKETS Monday 29th September Hare & Hound, Birmingham – TICKETS
  • Tuesday 7th October The Wardrobe, Leeds - TICKETS
  • Thursday 9th October Band On The Wall, Manchester - TICKETS