MUA Box - an orgasmic wish come true


Get your intimate and pleasure items out of your sock draw, shoe box and the plastic bag from under your bed! Get yourself a MUA box. MUA (pronounced MWAH, like a kiss!) Box is every woman's must-have sensual box. Inspired by an experience of having a wardrobe organiser come across her collection of intimate toys - an experience which many of us could probably attest to, The MUA Box was created by New Yorker, Lidia Bonilla.



It is a elegantly designed, and functional for the storage of your pleasure items (sex toys, condoms, lubrication and more) in a clean, secure and private place. The box is made of a lacquered wooden and has a waterproof and lubricant-resistant removable case.

Save yourself from the hassle of ever having to awkwardly hide any of your intimate items and let your girlfriends in on the secret. Support Kickstarter's first-ever adult product campaign to get this product into the market place and order a MUA Box by December 26th.

Find out more here and be sure to watch the videos on the page to see why you need a MUA Box in your life!