To Mum, Happy Mother's Day


Each year I do get a little stressed about what I should buy for my mum.  It was so much easier when I was a little girl, I would come home from school the Friday before Mothering Sunday with a small bunch of daffodils and a DIY greeting card.   My mum was happy with that but that certainly won't wash now, and mum would certainly let me know about it. I usually call my brother to enquire what he will be getting her, as usual he has bought her an ornament.  Basically, a gift for the house!

The thing we both agree on is that we would never cook a meal for my mum.  Albeit a very nice gesture, but our mum would just take over because ‘we don’t do it like her’!  This year I decided to plan ahead and do some research here are some ideas I have come up with and maybe you would like to consider them for your mum also.


An obvious choice, but if I am honest I have never thought about the traditional meaning of the flowers I have given to mum, but knowing what they mean just makes it a touch more special.

  • A bunch of Daffodils - joy and happiness
  • Tulips and Pink Carnations - represents love
  • Red Carnations - a symbol for love pride and admiration
  • White Carnations - for mothers who are no longer with us


It makes shopping a lot more easier if your mum has a favourite perfume.  Although my mum does not have a favourite, she does like light floral smells.  I have come to the conclusion that there are three dominating types of fragrances.

  • Strong - the powerful smell.  The kind that sticks with you all day long
  • Floral - fresh and light.  Reminds you of a summer’s day
  • Sweet and fruity - scent usually associated with younger women or those who are just young at heart

 Go with the one that suits your mum's personality.


Is your mum is into technology?  My mum has just learnt to send a text so I will not be considering this as a gift.  But here are some ideas if you fancy it.

  • Kindle - for the mother who loves to read.
  • iPod or MP3 player - for the mother who loves music.
  • Mobile phone - let's face it, some mums are still carrying around phones from 2005.  There are now some reasonable priced phones on the market to suit every budget.

Spa treatments

Local beauty salons offer a wide range of treatments.  A good one will offer vouchers or may do a ‘Mother’s day special’.  Every mum would love to get pampered.  If your budget allows it, send her away for the weekend to a health spa.  There are often deals on at this time of year.


How about buying your mum an experience.  The following suggestions are surprisingly affordable and would be great fun.  There are a number of companies that provide this service. Just tap ‘experience days‘ into your search engine.

  • Helicopter ride over London
  • Wine tasting and lunch
  • Boat ride on the Thames
  • Hot air balloon ride
  •  A Photo shoot


Eating out

A nice upmarket restaurant is the way to go.  Fine dining, bottle of wine and well dressed waiters.  One mother’s day I did the mistake of going into a Harvester. Cattle Market!



A trip to see a West End show or a play at your local theatre.  The whole family could enjoy.

Whatever you decide to buy for your Mother I am sure she will appreciate it.  But if you want to touch her heart just let her know how wonderful she is.

Happy Mother’s day!