Remembering Mandela

 "Over the past 24 years Madiba taught us how to come together and to believe in ourselves and each other. He was a unifier from the moment he walked out of prison" – Archbishop Desmond Tutu


It’s been five days since the announcement of the death of Nelson Mandela on the 5th of December 2013. We couldn’t bring ourselves to immediately report on Mandela’s death because not to often – specifically in our industry, do we take the time to fully process some events, so we took the time to do just that. Time was taken to remember, Nelson Mandela the man, the revolutionary, the peacemaker and legend. 


Born Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and affectionately known by Madiba, Mandela was born in 1918. Madiba is mostly known for spending his life in the service of others and the reconciliation for South Africa to move forward as one nation. His 27 years of imprisonment for his fight towards freedom and equality, his work with the ANC, and the anti-apartheid movement, has changed lives, embodying him as a symbol of resilience, peace and justice. Today, the world passionately mourns a great loss whilst simultaneously celebrating a life of great achievements. Few of these achievements include:


  • In 1993, Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with South Africa's last apartheid leader F.W. de Klerk, a fellow South African leader who helped to bring an end to apartheid. 
  • In 1994, Mandela became the first elected president of a newly and completely democratic and representative South Africa, continuing his work to rid South Africa of all the shackles of the past. 


As a his presidency came to an end in 1999, Mandela continued his humanitarian work as a philanthropist and founded The Nelson Mandela foundation, tackling poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS which he described as a real enemy facing humanity.


The balance of good and evil was undoubtedly tipped with his passing and the world was thrown into a state of synchronised loss. Mandela exhibited the pureness of a good heart in spite of the ugliness his surroundings and situations forced him to endure. 


Most importantly, his greatest achievement would become peace – one of the key aspects of his legacy. Mandela’s spirit and the infectious stubborn nature of his humanity and goodwill will continue to live on.