The Body Narratives - Crowdfunding For Exhibition & Workshops on Body Image

The Body Narratives begins crowdfunding campaign for exhibition and workshops on body image


Founded by Hana Riaz, The Body Narratives is a web-based project currently campaigning for crowd-funding to raise funds for their latest project - A Different Mirror. The project is a three-day multidisciplinary art exhibition by nine Women of Colour artists in Brixton, London. The event will reflect socially constructed ideas about race, gender and culture remain key in how Women of Colour perceive themselves. The exhibition will use art as the basis to capture and explore body image and perception, examining the effects of body image on Women of Colour. 


In addition to supporting Women of Colour artists, The Body Narratives' aim was to create a programme that relates to, engages with and celebrates the experiences of Women of Colour in London where these discussions are often limited. For this reason, the project's exhibitions and workshops will be hosted in Brixton, Lambeth. The borough statistically has the second highest proportion of black – Caribbean’s and mixed raced white and black – Africans in the country; the “highest proportion of people classified as Other Black (i.e. not Caribbean or African)” and; a female population of 50.2%.


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