T-Shirt Stories Screening

Who knew that there could be so much history behind the simple fashion that are t-shirts? Well, I discovered that the designs and/or slogans on some of our favourite t-shirts come from incredible and exceptionally creative minds. Although t-shirts may appear to be just what they are, - t-shirts- to the everyday individual, it is never the case!

Here is what we have learned and the conclusions we have come to about the art and significance of t-shirts, after attending the screening of ‘T-shirt Stories at Hackney Pictures’, which was organised by Gabrielle Smith of ‘IamTheNuBlack’ amp; Inua Ellams (poet) 

  • WEARING T-SHIRTS IS JUST COOL! 'Cool' - a recurring word uttered by the mouths of practically all of those interviewed in the documentary.
  • Whether it be funny, political and/or outrageous, t-shirts are a great way to make statements! Wearing t-shirts to protests creates a very bold statement. Especially when you scheme to have the media capture you whilst shaking the hands of your 'opponent', as did Katherine Hemnett with the late Margaret Thatcher in the 80's.
  • People usually wear what they are - wearing a t-shirt with a certain design/text or even a plain one, can give us an insight into the personality of the individual wearing it.
    • T-shirts are great reminders - they can be used to revive and remind people of historical and important events. T-shirts are commonly employed as a promotional/marketing tool and can make you lose or win a lot of money depending on who you choose to be - Topshop or Rihanna?
  • T-shirts are a culture - so when choosing which one to wear, think about it carefully. The type of t-shirt that you wear can give you an automatic and exclusive membership for a secret society. Shhhh!
  • Wearing daring and 'out there' (vulgar) and vintage t-shirts, gives you free access into the hipster society and that of course, comes with the freedom of doing as you please because you are brave, daring and carefree enough to speak your mind!! 

Vendors on the night included:










What are your thoughts? What's YOUR favourite t-shirt to wear?