Nails shades of a summer Caribbean

Pass on the pastels and go bold with a burst of colour this Summer. The vibrant energy of the summer season calls for all things loud and bold, and in the Caribbean, that is always accepted. Popping pinks, sunshine yellows and bright whites are just a few colours you can see tip-toeing around the Caribbean this season, but sassy Salmon, Cool Cantaloupe Coral and any hue of orange, seem to top the chart of choices. Could this be because these vibrant shades look better holding snazzy cocktails with umbrellas in them or because they blend so perfectly with Caribbean sunset backdrops? Whatever the reason, these beach-worthy hues are well represented throughout the islands this season. nails 1 nails 2 nails 3 nails 4 nails 5

Certified Nail Technician and Bachelor Educator for Hand & Nail Harmony, Kimiesha (Kim) Jackson -Taylor shared her views on this season's nail trend around the Caribbean. Having lived and worked in Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands for over 12 years, Kim said that although hot summer colours are trending, nudes are definitely still standing strong. She also went on to say that the stiletto nails are still a hot choice when it comes to nail shapes.

"The nails industry has evolved over the last decade. Nails are no longer about just having a manicured look, but they have become an accessory, a statement piece. Ladies (and some gents) express themselves and their personal style through nail art, shape, length and a cocktail of colour. In addition to current styles and trends, I have also seen how the gel revolution has changed the way traditional manicures are done. Gel polish and nails have extended the life of manicures and revolutionised the industry dramatically."

Caribbean people are a diverse group. The uniqueness and diversity of each island is represented in different ways, despite their proximity to one another. In Jamaica, nails tend to be long and thick with popping neon colours all throughout the year, whereas their neighbour the Cayman Islands, are more season sensitive and conservative. Fellow islanders in Trinidad are always about colour, regardless of the season or trend.

By Olivia B