Tea Fusion: Brown rice green tea health benefits

Brown rice green or Genmaicha as it is known in Japan, was once a drink mainly ingested by the poor as it was cost effective but it is now enjoyed for its health benefits by all walks of society.


Roasted Brown Rice Tea combines the many health benefits of drinking green tea with the wonderful flavour and significant health benefits found in roasted brown rice. The added roasted brown rice helps keep the body more alkaline, making it a favourite amongst those who practice a macrobiotic diet.



Brown rice is unpolished whole grain rice. Because the hull or husk isn’t removed, the nutrients of the rice are not stripped from it. The bran layer of brown rice contains very important nutrients such as thiamine, niacin, phosphorous, iron, and is rich in fiber and essential oils.


Some of the benefits attributed to green tea are weight loss, cancer prevention, reducing the effects of smoking and of fatty foods, reducing risk of rheumatoid arthritis, lowering cholesterol, boosting the overall immune system and much more. Some research has even shown that habitual tea drinkers even have stronger, denser bones.



It is easy to either purchase or better yet make yourself. Choose a good quality green tea - SENCHA is great. Roast uncooked brown rice until some of the grains pop. Add to your green tea and let cure together to enjoy the benefit for at least 48 hours. The taste of the tea is a fresh nutty experience, one that I enjoy most mornings. It is also a natural appetite suppressant and low in caffeine.