Would you want your partner to get a manscape or a boyzilian?

It's become a common expectation for women to keep it tidy...but as far as men are concerned, keeping it tidy is reserved for porn stars and the models some of us ladies have no shame in sexualising and drooling over - however how wrong or right it might be.


Last night on Twitter, one of our followers, tweeted how she felt about men who shaved their armpits...she finds it weird. Well I thought, though it's not a requirement for men and women, the act can sometimes be appreciated. There's nothing wrong with some manscaping of the armpits and the groin area... but men getting a boyzilian?... Triple OUCH!!! 





The practice of hair removal has been around for centuries. Its practice varies in different cultures and is carried out for the myriad purposes of punishment, religious, mourning and most commonly - aesthetics. As it relates to the aesthetic appearance of men, it is expected that their faces should be where most of their grooming efforts are spent and not on other parts of the body because after all...the appearance of hair on a man is one of the many, yet popular ways in which we assess a man's masculinity at first glance. Like I said, there's nothing wrong some manscaping but the removal of the pubic hair via waxing, surely can't be healthy and safe over a long period of time.


'Metrosexual' is descriptive of men who put more effort into their appearances compared to the majority. The term has now become inclusive of all sexual and gender orientations as a result of the socially-constructed changes governing beauty. And as one can expect, with new changes comes new attitudes and it appears that just as many of us ladies have come to expect ourselves to keep it clean, we expect our men to stay manly, groomed and to not take a trip to their nearest beauty salon for a boyzilian.  


So, I ask: would you like for your partner to be manscaped or would you rather he goes for a boyzilian? (Vote below) Maybe the latter perhaps as part of a lesson just to get him to get a taste of what you have to go through during your monthly appointment with your beauty therapist...but then again, will this be necessary if getting a brazilian is something you do not have to put yourself through unless you're doing it for yourself and enjoy the results...for yourself!


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