The Power Of Tea Fusion

Healing via infusion comes from many more plant sources than your average tea bag.


The power of the earth never fails to bring a tear of gratefulness to my eye. She births the items we use to create everything from shelter to clothing and just as important, she has created a world of botany for all of beautiful humanities use and healing.


We all need healing from time to time be it emotional or physical. The most nurturing and beneficial form of internal sympathy for both needs would be the ancient old healing infusion. From Buddhist monasteries to English teahouses, Yogis to Tribes all over the earth and now straight to the warming comfort of the sacred space you call home, teas have been a tradition written in the stones of time for more years than can be counted. Whether you realize it or not, you too would have indulged at some point by taking the hand of an infusion of some kind whether for pleasure or healing purposes. 


What better time of the year to turn to nature’s welcoming embrace than the winter months, where flu and colds loiter coyly in offices and school rooms and chesty coughs and immune breakers linger in the air waiting for an easy target. Choose infusions this season which will not only have your senses thanking you for your love and affection but will have your immune system saying a prayer for your efforts. Healing via infusion comes from many more plant sources than your average tea bag. Let’s Explore.


Green Tea 

Green Tea Leaves | Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Loaded with antioxidants and poly-phenols called catechins that aid in killing influenza viruses, green tea is a must in clearing free radicles. That’s not all, this green gift from creation is an extremely talented leaf. Aiding in much more than just free radicles it has been known to be of benefit to weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, blood pressure and tooth decay to name a few.





Cinnamon has been a favourite in many cultures since the ancient times for many amazing things. From embalming in ancient Egypt to the Cinnamon soaking of sponges during the Bubonic Plague it is evident of its importance all over the globe. It is also amazing for use with gastrointestinal problems, urinary infections, relieving symptoms of colds and flu and has remarkable anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Cinnamon can also be a warming friend on cold night also and is useful on the nights where sleep does not come easy.


Ginkgo Biloba


Ginkgo been traced back nearly 300 million years making it the oldest surviving tree species on earth. It has been used in Chinese medicine many years as well as many other cultures. Improving memory and concentration it has also been noted of benefit to depression and other nervous disorders. It’s another antioxidant-loaded herb. 



Moringa Leaves


The miracle tree as I call it, is an amazing source of protein, calcium, iron, ß-carotene (converted to vitamin A in the human body), vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, Moringa oleifera leaves have a high dry matter content (around 20-25%) compared to most other plant food sources (generally around 10%). This makes it even more beneficial as a fresh vegetable since 100 grams of fresh leaves will bring twice as much nutritive material as 100 grams of most other vegetables. This is amazing as a tea with fresh or dry leaves or even in powdered form.



Sage Leaves


Sage has one of the longest culinary and medicinal histories in the world, whose use ranges from the improvement of mental function to its richness in antioxidants. A tea made from sage leaves has had a long history of use to treat sore throats and coughs by gargling. It was also used by herbalists for rheumatism, excessive menstrual bleeding. Plus other ailments like head colds, pains in joints and a headache.


Your body is a home. A home that you cannot easily move out from. You can however decide to clean up a little, de clutter and move around the furniture. Seal the window’s or invest in double glazing so as not to let in the winter breeze. Think of a healing infusion as the same preventative. It is always better to be well prepared than poorly equipped for poor health. Though like a sealant, an infusion can act like poly filler to the occasional crack. Step outside the tea box and let self-healing with all the earth has to offer, be a daily part of your routine and lives in order to better your daily journeys.