What's In Your Bag?

What's In Your Bag (#WIYB) is a new weekly style series we are introducing.
A woman's bag is her best friend, confidant and depending on how satisfied you are in life, you may even swear that your bag makes you feel better than any man would! Anyway...all this is to say that like the many materialistic items we choose to purchase in life, those items almost always reflect an aspect of our personalities. This reflection could be in the item's  design, shape etc.
What's In Your Bag?

Each week, we are to select a bag and attribute it to the type of person who is likely to wear the bag. We'll also be listing the items most-likely to be carried by that person in the bag.

We really want you to get involved! To participate, you must do and answer the following:

  1. Who are you? (name, profession, where you live) and a clear picture of yourself
  2. Describe your bag (where your purchased it from, brand, how long you've had it for) + a clear picture of your bag. 
  3. What do you carry in your bag?
  4. Which one of the items are your must-haves?
  5. What do you love most about your bag?
  6. What does your bag say about you? 

Email all submissions to: submit@afronoire.com