Win With A One Night Stand


Coffee Boy was definitely the full package. His skin was the color of toffee and taut. He smelled clean like fresh milled soap and the fine hair that started at his belly button was black and hopefully was a trail running down to something offering much more. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him as we rolled around on his studio floor. This was animalistic and not romantic. There were no thoughts about bagels in the morning or what this all would mean because this was about right now. I literally met Coffee Boy three hours ago walking home from work. Three hours, two coffees and one fast walk to his building later I am underneath him trying to remove my bra while also positioning myself for his perfect entry.   I was not thinking wedding rings, but I was intensely focused on his cock ring. He wasn’t too bright and I knew that he probably did this often. It was okay. I was so over guys after a disastrous break-up and needed a jolt and Coffee Boy was the perfect momentary quencher. Lots of books, blogs and good old fashioned girlfriend advice will tell you that having a one night stand is a horrible thing to do: STDs, empty sex and being viewed as a freak or whore. Definitely, the basic teaching on one night stands has been that it is definitely not something that a good woman should do.

You know that is major BS … right!

The truth is that for many women having a one night stand is a confidence booster, a hurt healer and a way to make major love decisions and goals. When you are having safe sex and are walking into one night stands with your eyes open you can gain key pluses from the scenario. I have had a few one night stands and lived to tell the tale! I am going to tell you how having an occasional one night stand can actually be a good thing.


Take you out of the love doldrums

There is nothing like hot sex to end a pity party. Having a great night of sex with someone you don’t have to reveal your every secret to allows you to experience briefly how good human connection can be. We have all encountered someone who has been out of the love game so long that they lose the ability to play. You have to keep at least keep one toe in the water to remember what it feel like to get wet.


Allow you to be someone else

One night stands allow you to be whoever you want to be; always wanted to be the freaky party girl, the intellectual or the woman who is simply too busy for a real relationship you can be all those things with a one night stand. If you want to try a different type of lover, get away from the pretty boys and try a regular guy out this a great opportunity to see if “different” is the better way to go. You don’t have to think too much about the ramifications of going against type because neither of you plan on following up on the facts.


Confidence is on 10

New sex means a new opportunity to knock someone’s socks off. There is nothing like hearing after a bad break-up that you are beautiful, sexy and that he was foolish for letting you go. Admit it, we all take a bit of a ding to our ego when love goes wrong and simply being naked for a new guy brings out the excitement, anticipation and compliments that one definitely needs to get back in the love saddle.


Discover a new you

Life in many ways is about revelation and having someone new for a limited amount of time can reveal new turn-ons, new interests and much more! You can discover new things with a fling because there won’t ever be a time when that person can undo the good. Long-term love can burn because often what a person thinks is great about you they can eventually turn around and make that same thing the reason in the end they decided to leave. Short-term sex can be flattering without ever turning ugly.


Diversifies your horizons

It is pretty hard to make a case for not liking something until you try it. Is swinging for you? Threesomes are they your flavor? Interested in something a bit stronger than a smack on the bottom? You can sample the sex buffet without anyone knowing or judging. Stop fantasizing and start doing.