Sous La Mer By MAKSI


MAKSI presents 'Sous La Mer' a new cross-seasonal collection with pieces for both men and women. Taking inspiration from the ocean's vibrant colours and its smooth flow and low tides, the collection incorporates vibrant African prints and soft flowing fabric, to give a sense of flow and silhouette details which capture the sensual feel of the sea. The menswear collective is exclusively designed by Thomas Dzator and is inspired by his belief that men bolder fashion choices. This is reflected in the bold colour and the mixture of prints and fabric which are also extended to the use of chiffon and leatherette dresses, perfect for today's contemporary woman.

Founded by sisters, Abena and Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, MAKSI is a ‘fab, fresh and funky’ fashion label which strives to be bold. The label has its home in Ghana, and maintains a Global reach through trunk shows and fashion events held across Africa and internationally.

Monochrome rules (left) and Dark Angel copy

Monochrome rules (left) and Dark Angel 1 copy

10 copy

Flirty Fun copy


White scalloped top and Vee skirt copy

Blue Magic copy

Gentle Grey copy

Black Gold copy

Sea Breeze Zip up 1 copy

Ocean Blues copy